Aikido is a traditional martial art originating in Japan. It’s a system of joint locking and throwing techniques that rely on using the opponents energy rather than strength to subdue and control an attacker. Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba in the early twentieth century and has now grown to be one of the world’s most popular martial arts. It places emphasis on practical efficiency, and is the style used to train women and anti-riot teams of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Size, weight, age and physical strength play only a small role in Aikido, also making it a uniquely suited option for women, children and older students.

Why train Aikido? First and foremost it’s great exercise and it’s fun! But Aikido is more than just a form of physical exercise. It’s an effective form of self defence, as well as being an art form that helps participants develop mental focus, confidence and inner strength.

What style of Aikido? At the Shudokan we practice the Yoshinkan style of Aikido. Started by Gozo Shioda Kancho after his time training with O’Sensei, the founder of Aikido. Yoshinkan Aikido is known as a ‘hard style’ of Aikido, but that is mainly due to its disciplined and rigorous style of training.

History of the Shudokan Aikido Shudokan was founded in 1980 in Melbourne by Joe Thambu Shihan when he immigrated from Malaysia. It was the first Yoshinkan style dojo in Australia. Joe Thambu Shihan began training at the age of 11 under the guidance of his Uncle, Thamby Sensei. Thambu Shihan made the trip to Japan many times to live and train in the Yoshinkan Hombu dojo (main dojo). Thambu Shihan has trained with many of the highest ranking Yoshinkan teachers, and has gone on to become one of the most internationally regarded and sought after Aikido instructors, teaching all over the world every year. Thambu Shihan founded Aikido Shudokan International in 2018, of which Aikido Shudokan Geelong is a proud member.

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